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Frozen Flower

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Add an easy hand-drawn flower design to your salon menu!
Learn how to make a soft nail art design for the winter that's embellished with flowers and snow crystals.

In this lesson, we will use what you have learned in the previous "Snow Crystal Design" video,
to create an airy design that's combined with flowers.
It's surely going to be useful in your day-to-day salon work in winter.

These elegant and delicate flowers that are not so over-powering,
are great addition to the snowflakes and other nail designs as well.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw these flowers that suit a wintery theme,
and we will give a thorough explanation of the tips for creating depth.

◎Making a base that feels light
◎Drawing four petals smoothly
◎How to add three-dimensionality

These are just some of the things you will learn from the video.

One of the most essential points of the lesson is how to use the brush.
The flowers are easy to create if you just learn this one technique.

Our teacher Tenpaku will give a careful explanation, so pay attention!

Frozen flowers have the advantage of looking simple,
allowing you to add extra pearls or gems if you'd like.

This design can have refined or elaborate look based on how you style it.

The color chosen for the base this time is a calm natural tone,
but you can change the color freely to give it different looks.

After mastering the techniques of Tenpaku,
you can enjoy adding a unique touch by switching the colors and composition.

*The instructions on how to draw snowflakes can be found in the "Snowflakes" video!
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