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Cut Rock Panda Bread

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Everyone is talking about this too-cute panda bread!
Umi will lecture a cute panda bread that works like a cut rock candy so that the panda's face appears in every slice!

This lesson will be on how to make bread in the shape of a cut rock candy.
Umi will lecture the process, using a panda as a motif.

Many people may wonder,

"How do you make it?"
when they first see this interesting bread where the cute panda face appears in every slice.

Therefore, in this lesson, Umi will teach not only the process of making the cut rock bread but the important points in making it.

You can properly learn the important part of the process, the assembling of the dough, by watching Umi.

◆How to make a cut rock bread
◆How to slice and color the dough
◆How to make the panda face

and more will be taught in this lesson. It's full of techniques that will help any beginner make a cut rock bread.

It's an online lesson, so you can replay any process that was difficult to understand.

The lecture starts with the basic dough making, so any beginner can try!

A cut rock bread that has a panda face on every slice, looks special and is perfect for small parties and events!

Seeing how the panda's expression turned out at the end when you cut the bread is also a fun part of it!

If you can learn the techniques of making a cut rock bread, you can make your original designs as well.

Master the techniques and try making faces of other animals too.
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