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Tear and Share Bread of Black and White Bears

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The basic tear and share bread lesson by Umi!
If you're a beginner, let's start from this lesson♪
In this lesson, you can learn the basic way to make tear and share bread.

Dividing, Shaping, Coloring, and all the steps.
Also you can get how to put parts through the step that putting ears and noses.

Once you get the step perfectly, you can make various adjustments.
You'll be able to make other animals or characters.

Watch the difficult step many times, and let's pay attention to Umi's hand motion that can watch only at this movie.

Let's challenge at this chance if you have thought you want to make.
You can learn the way to make the dough in the other lesson, "How to make the basic dough of tear and share bread".
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