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Full Lace (Full-Surface Pasting)

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Seminar room leading (limited) delivery. How to make a total race design.
Saori Tanabe will lecture for free on how to paste the total race design and tips!

With conventional seals it is difficult to stick all over...
If it is pasted from the uncured gel, it does not adhere...
It will not be able to embed firmly and it will cause floating...

"Line Film Race" solved all the stress as above!
It is a special film that adheres even from the uncured gel, and it can paste to the corner. If covered with a top gel, it lasts for 4 weeks without floating at all.

{From Prof. Saori Tanabe
「I want to put a lace on the entire nail!!」
What I wanted to do for many years has finally finished. ✨ I have used stickers of various materials and forms so far, but I could not find something called "This!". When placing it, it is easy to embed without having thickness, wrinkle, and it is soft and easy to handle along the nail curve. Furthermore, edge, cuticle, side, good to hold with material that does not lift even when it sticks to the edge and reproduce realistic delicate patterns.

Finally the material was finished. It is not a seal. Probably a new idea that is not found anywhere in the world. In this video, I lecture on how to put the race and scissors.♬
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