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Flower Heart Candle

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Perfect for Valentine's Day!!
This heart-shaped flower candle nail will make anyone fall in love!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a romantic heart nail art design.
A heart-shaped candle filled with flower petals!

What really sets this design apart is the realistic flower candle texture.

Inside this plump, heart-shaped heart, the word "Love" shines brightly.
This art created by the instructor Saori Tanabe is the definition of cuteness!

Saori explains in details the steps to create this realistic, fun heart-shaped candle.

◆How to plan the design using a draft and avoid mistakes.
◆Tips to distribute the flowers in a well-balanced way.
◆How to make the flower petals look dipped inside the candle.

You will learn all the tips above and other craft techniques that will be useful for many other artworks!

Flower + Heart + Candle

This ultra-girly flower candle nail design is so cute and includes so many wonderful things that you can almost smell the sweet scent coming out of it!

You can also variate the accessories and base color and create something more discreet.

Choose the perfect font, base color, petals for the nail,
and make something unique for each client and each season!

"Once you master how to work with delicate flowers in Saori's technique, you will see how much impact it will have in your salon work as well!

"Girls will soon start to look for magic in their fingertips, in a time that ultra-girly designs rule!
Why not learn the best with the best and shine in this Valentine's Day season?"