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Blocking Mirror

171116 blocking mirror square 01
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mayu's gorgeous mirror nails!
Learn how to make fancy nail art with mirror powder!

What to try a new kind of mirror art?

This lesson will teach you a technique you'll want to immediately start using in your salon work!
Learn how to create a fresh nail look with mirror powder!

Mirror nails are a easy way of adding trendiness to your style.

"I think my designs are getting repetitive..."
"I have so much mirror powder left over!"

Are you a nailist with similar worries?
Why not try mayu's blocking mirror design!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to use your leftover mirror powder
to create a stylish accent to your nail designs!

◆What to be careful of when making styling mirror nails
◆How to neatly apply one color
◆Pointer for applying the top coat
◆Tools to use for blocking

These and many other techniques mayu uses regularly are included in this lesson.

There are a few important points when making a realistic mirror design.

Once you know how to apply mirror powder properly, you can use it like a supplementary color to your design. Add it to a single point in your subtle design to blend it in.

Use it with a variety of design to add more variations to your salon portfolio.

Learn mayu's mirror nail for a design you can recommend to all kinds of customers!
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