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Floral Room Decorations after Styling

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Use your flowers after arranging them!
Learn how to enjoy your styling flowers for longer periods of time!

"It would be so wasteful to just throw away my flowers after decorating with them!"
You may be one of the many people thinking like this.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to Yoko uses flowers to decorate her room with pre-cut flowers heads!

What do you do with flowers after you are done styling them?
Those beautiful flowers can still brighten your spaces. It would be a shame just to throw them away.

"But can I even use flowers without stems?"

Of course you can!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to decorate your room with flowers you used for scene styling!

◆How to preserve flower heads for many months
◆Two ways to make dried flowers
◆A variety of decoration techniques

This lesson is filled with many tips and tricks you can use with any kind of flower.

Don't miss professional stylist Yoko's flower preservation techniques!

It would be so sad to ruin your flowers after just a few stylings.
However, with Yoko's techniques, you can preserve and use your favorite flowers for a long time.

Try creating an atmospheric space in your room with your left-over flowers!

Learn how to preserve your flower heads and their beauty till the end and decorate your room into a beautiful space!
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