Bouquet Style Flower Arrangement

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A feminine flower bouquet styling!
Learn how to arrange flowers into a dimensional bouquet-like setup!

In this lesson, you'll learn the flower styling technique
of arranging flowers into the shape of a bouquet.

Real bouquets are made by bundling flowers with wrapping paper,
but this styling will arrange cut flowers into the shape of a bouquet.

You can place the flowers you bought at the entrance or on your window sills, but why not use Yoko's flower styling techniques to bring out all be beauty in your flowers?

In this lesson, you'll learn how to style flowers like a real bouquet on a plate surface!

◆How to choose flowers for a flat bouquet
◆How to add dimension to the setup
◆Extra steps to make the arrangement even cuter

These and many other tips and tricks you can use for other flower arrangements are included in this lesson.

This lesson will show you two stylings: first with pink flowers, the second with yellow flowers.

The completed bouquet styling will be so dimensional and gorgeous you'll doubt it's on a flat surface.

This is a great setup for welcoming guests and decorating for home parties.

Once you've gotten the hang of the design, you can arrange it with seasonal flowers or change the colors to match your room.

Have fun arranging your original bouquet!

Learn Yoko's bouquet style flower arrangement techniques and fill your life with elegant flowers!
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