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Flower Pattern -Tips for Making Lovely Patterns-

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An absolutely adorable flower-patterned table set up!
Learn how to make a photogenic flower pattern!

In this lesson, you'll learn how to style adorable flower patterns.

This lesson features flower arrangement techniques
that will brighten up your tea time table and home party set ups.

Flower patterns are a popular pattern
loved by women of all ages for all years.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make a floral pattern out of real flowers.

This flower pattern styling using real flowers will brighten up not just your tea time, but create a great picture for your smart phone home screen and texting app background!

It's a waste to simply set your flower somewhere in your house!
Use Yoko's flower styling techniques to bring out all be beauty in your flowers!

The flower pattern is one of Yoko's most popular works.
This lesson will show you just how she creates this feminine flower pattern.

◆What flowers to choose for a balanced pattern
◆How to add dimension to the pattern and make it stand out
◆How to change the feel of the setup without moving the flowers

These and many other tips and tricks on flower styling basics are included in this lesson.

Once you master this skill, you can use it however you like.
Use it to take pictures for your desktop image, create inviting spaces for your guests, or set up for a party.

There are many uses for this technique. Learn it today and use it for many occasions!

You can customize the design using different flowers each season or matching the colors of your room.
With a little thought, you can create a variety of atmospheres!

Learn Yoko's flower pattern techniques and fill your life with elegant flowers!
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