Wreath Style Flower Arrangement

02 wreath square 01
02 wreath square 02
An elegant and cute flower wreath styling!
Learn how to style flowers into an authentic-looking wreath.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to style flowers like a wreath.
It's a great technique to use for home parties and other events.

Flowers brighten the room just by being there.
Although you can use them to decorate entrances and window sills, why not learn Yoko's flower styling techniques to bring out all their beauty?

In this lesson, you'll learn how to style flowers into a round 3D wreath.

Real wreath making may seem difficult to do,
but the method this lesson with be teaching does not use glue at all.
Even beginners of flower arrangement can try making a wreath by simply placing flowers on a table!

Specifically, this lesson will cover

◆What flowers to choose for a wreath styling
◆How to make the round shape
◆Tips on making a dimensional design
◆How to maintain balance in the design

These and many other tips and tricks on flower styling basics are included in this lesson.

You can hang this above a table for your guests, or decorate tea time with your friends.
This arrangement will brighten up your table for sure!

This lesson is great for beginners!
You can make a photogenic flower wreath without the hassle of a real wreath.

You can customize the design using different flowers each season or matching the colors of your room.
The possibilities are endless!

Learn Yoko's flower styling techniques and brighten your everyday space today!
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