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The Elegant Flower Art♪
Today's lesson is the viola with a realistic look.

Today's lesson will be
how to draw the simple but elegant and pretty viola.

The flower blooms around the end of October to the middle of May.
It is one of the few flowers that bloom during the winter, so it will be very flourishing at salons.

The simple impression with the 5 petals will give an elegant look to the fingertips.

Today's lesson will explain the key points of how to draw the viola realistically and sensitively.

◆The key point when drawing the overlaid flower petals.
◆How to draw veins of the flower that gives a sensitive impression.
◆How to make the center of the flower look real."

etc. There are many key points.

It's a simple flower,
so focus on each part and carefully finish it up.

The most important part is drawing the flower petals that overlay.

Petals need to be drawn sensitively by changing how to draw depending on its placement.
Once you master this, you will be able to apply it in other flower art. Don't miss it!

Viola blooms in various colors.
Please try making them with your favorite color.

This lesson set is recommended for those who want to learn how to draw flower petals from the basics.
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