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Y&C sweets Original Halloween Cookie templates included!♪
Learn how to make spooky and cute Halloween icing cookies!

Includes downloadable cookie templates!
This is the only place you can get Yohko's lesson on Halloween stained glass cookies!

In this lesson, Yohko will carefully go over how to make adorable Halloween icing cookies!

Icing cookies are fun to look at and fun to eat!
They're a popular treat that's surprisingly easy to make for their amazing looks.

Halloween is a great time to make decorative icing cookies that both children and adults can enjoy.

In this lesson, you'll learn all the steps in making colorful Halloween icing cookies!

◆How to use the downloadable templates
◆How to make colored icing for each character
◆How to decorate for Halloween
◆How to make stained glass cookies

These and many other tips and tricks
will help you make great looking icing cookies for your home party and other events.

This 52-minute lesson is full of advice from Yohko, including how to master her famous stained glass cookies.

There are 9 designs in the downloadable templates!
From staple characters to unusual creatures, these monsters will make your Halloween special.

You can arrange the designs of the cookies just by changing the letters, colors, and faces of the characters. Try experimenting with different designs!

Learn Yohko's spooky but cute Halloween icing cookies to prepare for this year's celebration!
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