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Princess Cupcakes

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Comes with a PDF file that lists all the ingredients and tools needed!
This lesson will teach you how to make 4 types of princess-themed cupcakes!

Just like a fairy tale!
Learn how to make a set of princess cupcakes
filled with lots of cute elements!

The cupcake is a classic homemade dessert that's both cute and simple to bake.

Decorate with icing, buttercream, and sugar paste. They'll turn out so gorgeous that you'll almost not want to eat them.

"I want to make a cute cupcake for a friend!"
"I want to try more intricate decorations."

Take this opportunity with cake designer Yuyu to make delicate and elegant cupcakes!
Why not challenge yourself?

Yuyu will give a lesson on how to make 4 different types of cupcakes using pastel colors.

She'll explain each process step-by-step with some tips as well.

For example, the lesson will include:

◆Color ratios for creating soft shades
◆Tips on piping beautiful frills on the dress
◆Tips to make the pumps look more elegant
◆How to make the pumpkin
◆Tips on making the frame parts look realistic
◆How to securely attach the parts to the cupcakes
◆How to cover the cupcake with sugar paste

and much more.

①Dress Cupcake

②Pumps Cupcake

③Pumpkin Cupcake

④Carriage Cupcake

Master every tip and point in the lesson, and you'll be able to make a high-quality cupcake with elegant designs that you might find at a bakery.

You can change the colors of the dress and pumps to your own liking.

Master how to make Yuyu's charming princess cupcakes and broaden your decoration skills!
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