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Herbal Wax

04 herbal wax square 01
04 herbal wax square 02
Voluminous lesson that mayu throughly explains in nonstop for 40 minutes!
Herbal wax art by mayu, like a real candle art with delicate sense of depth feeling has many points to learn.

◯Tips to manicure the root beautifully
◯How to make the fruits sticker look decayed
◯The way to draw a thin line easily
◯How to take a superb balance

And so on, lecturing a press-touch technique with using one item that everyone surprises, or a step to make beautiful shape that mayu is particular about.

This lesson became more than 40 mins because mayu is explaining perfectly and in detail at each steps.
You might not have a chance to take these kind of mayu's lesson at online that you can watch over and over. So don't miss it!

▶Design introduced in this lesson

▶The Example of Adjustments

Music in a Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull
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