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Bianco Marble × How to Place Style Parts

Bianco Marble × How to Place Style Parts Coming soon
Learn how mayu creates a mat marble pattern and securely applies decoration parts!

Have to taken mayu's free original parts lesson
"How to Make Style Parts" already?

These fancy style parts
and the calm marble pattern shown in this lesson go great together.
By combining them, you can create classy and mature nail art.

Are you scared that the style parts you made are too big and will fall off easily?
No need to worry!

In this lesson, you'll learn how mayu attaches her style parts.
Just follow her steps and you'll learn how to properly angle the parts, fill in gaps,
and secure the decoration in place without making it too heavy.

◆How to paint realistic marble patterns
◆Appropriate decoration sizes
◆How to secure the parts in place with gel

This lesson will focus on these techniques.

The easy marble pattern technique is a must see!
This simple and quick pattern goes great with many other kinds of nail art.

This lesson also goes over tips and tricks about using gels and brushes.
You're sure to learn great skills for your future salon work.

Take this opportunity to learn how to make stylish nails!

《From Instructor mayu》
This lesson will start with designing the marble pattern with parts placement in mind.
Be sure to pay attention to the matte coating and how to paint the marble pattern.

The nail art lesson will be done on a real nail.
Watch closely to learn how I coat the nail and properly apply the parts!
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