Watercolor Flower

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Create girly pastel flower nails!
Let's learn how to paint delicate flowers that look like watercolor paintings!

You'll learn how to create blurs. It's a technique you can apply to other motifs.

In this lesson, kaji uses gels and teaches you how to create
elegant, pastel flowers that look like watercolor paintings.

Regardless of which season it is, many customers request nail arts with flowers.

Flowers are a classic motif that looks pretty on everyone.
However, if you use bold, vivid colors, it tends to look a bit childish.

"I like flower designs, but they look a bit childish on me..."
"Is there a cute flower nail art that also looks grown-up and sophisticated?"

If you feel this way, then this lesson is for you!
During this lesson, kaji will explain to you in detail
how to make watercolor painting-like flowers using gels.

Specifically, you will learn the following:

◆ The brushwork needed for the nail art
◆ Tips on how to create light and shade on a petal
◆ Which gel to choose when you want to use a dark color
◆ How to create a movement for an even prettier nail art

This lesson shares various tips on how to paint a versatile flower design that looks like a watercolor painting
and how to give it a more sophisticated finish.
Kaji will walk you through the process in detail.

You can also dramatically change the impression of the flowers by using different colors.
Or you can paint small flowers all over the nail
That would look lovely and sweet too.

You can use many different colors for the flowers without nail art becoming too loud.
The soft watercolor flowers will always make the nail art mature and chic.

Once you learn the techniques, you can make other watercolor painting-like motifs.
Then, you can use the motifs to create beautiful nuanced designs of your own.

Take this opportunity and learn this beautiful nail art and try it at your salon!
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