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A cute floral design with a see-through base color!
Learn how to create a dainty flower nail design!

Master the art of painting soft flowers!

In this lesson, learn how to paint adorable flower nail art
that looks just like a watercolor painting!

Flowers accentuate one's femininity
and is a classic nail art motif that women of all ages like to order at nail salons.

But many nail artists might think
"It ends up looking childish..." or
"I want it to have a softer look, but the colors end up being very loud".
especially when trying to create flower nail art with clearly defined layers of color.

For ladies who are looking for nail art that is both cute and classy,
this soft flower nail art that sports a delicate blend of pastel colors is just what they're looking for.

In this lesson, Kaji will teach you how to draw neat and cute soft flowers
including all the nitty gritty details to make it look perfect!

In more detail, she will teach you

◆How to position the flowers in a balanced way
◆How to paint a natural gradient
◆How to control your brush
◆One step to make your art look more three-dimensional

and more.
This is a lesson that's full of tips and tricks that lets you create beautiful layer of colors
so that the the bluish tinge of the base color is shown through the layers of color.

The final nail art will have a clear finish
which looks nice on the fingertips of classy ladies.

Moreover, this design can be worn on any season if you change the colors you use!

Go with a pink theme for spring, a light blue or purple color scheme for summer,
and just like that, by changing the colors used, you can create a full year's worth of nail art samples.

Take this opportunitu to learn how to create this versatile elegant flower nail art
and make use of it in your salon work now!
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