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Silver splash

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A delicate but edgy design!
Learn how to use metallic gel to create radical new nail art!

In this lesson, learn how to make an edgy metallic nail art design
that looks like a splash of liquid metal!

RISA will teach you how to make this unique nail art design
that looks just like a splash of metal, just in time for summer.

This is a radical new design that gives you a different look everytime,
and with its glossy metallic texture, results in an extremely edgy design.

In this lesson, learn in detail how to make this metallic art
that is simple to make but looks elaborate.

More specifically, you will learn

◆How to use the gel and what to take note of when using it
◆How to create the shape of the splash
◆How to ensure that your nail art will stick onto the nail

and more. This is a lesson full of RISA's detailed tips and tricks
and gel techniques that will help you increase your range of customizations.

The interesting part of this nail art is that even if you go through the same steps,
you will never end up with two designs that are exactly the same.

The random shapes and colors of this nail art will add a fresh touch to your usual nail art.

This is a simple nail art piece that is made with just one color, so you could use it as the secondary nail art design in a set, or even on top of the main design as an accent!

This is the type of nail art that is not done directly on the nail but is applied on top,
so create multiple in advance and you'll find that there are many ways to incorporate them in your other designs.

So take this chance to learn how to make this chic silver nail art
and add it to your salon's repertoire!

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