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Basics of Porcelain Painting: Practice Strokes Using Flat and Round Brushes

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Beginners in porcelain arts should start here!
In this lesson, you will learn how to do stokes with a flat brush and a round brush!

Learn all the basics of porcelain painting!

In this lesson, with 2 types of brushes; flat brushes, and round brushes,
learn how to paint strokes with forms the basics!

Porcelain arts refers to using transfer paper and enamel color
to paint gorgeous and beautiful designs on white porcelain.

This craft allows you to create your own tableware that reflects your taste,
and it's also greatly popular amongst women.

Porcelain painting gives you a lot of freedom for creating difference designs.
It's also called Porcelain arts or China painting,
and refers to the act of freely painting on white porcelain.

In this lesson, suitable for beginners in porcelain arts,
you will learn in detail how to paint the most important basic strokes that you will use to make the design!

Specifically, you will learn:

◆Important tips on creating the strokes
◆How to move the brush and dip into the paint
◆How to mix the paint and oil
◆The trick to creating a beautiful gradation with just one stroke

and many more.

by learning the basic techniques, you will be able to create beautiful transition of colors in flowers
and realistic leaves with leaf veins, even if you aren't the best painter.

To be able to move the brush smoothly, there are some important tips
for painting and also during preparation.

By learning to be able to freely paint the basic strokes taught in this lesson,
you will be able to smoothly paint any designs.

So take this opportunity to learn the basic techniques of painting,
and beautifully decorate a variety of practical items such as your own plates, boxes, and vases!
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