Tie dye Flower

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This is an elegant, sophisticated floral design!
Learn how to make beautiful nail art featuring hand-painted misty flowers!

Customers love this design at salons!

In this lesson, nail artist Summer teaches you how to do a
soft, feminine nail art with blurs and flowers.

You'll learn the technique for creating exquisite blurs.
Once you master it, you can apply the technique to other floral nail art designs.

The flowers have blurred borders rather than distinct ones.
Compared to typical floral nail art, this elegant nail art has a much more mature look.

Watercolor-like hues maintain elegance and don't make it too sweet.
You'll make refined floral nail art that's perfect for adults!

In this lesson, Summer will carefully explain how to use the basic blurring technique
to create the nail art featuring layered petals with nice depth!

The lesson will focus on the following topics:

◆ How to paint flowers that are soft and delicate
◆ The brushwork needed when painting flower petals
◆ How to position the flowers so that depth is created

Summer will give you many tips on how to create gorgeous hand-painted nail art.
They'll prove very useful to your work at the salon.

This nail art looks great in different color schemes as well.
Use different colors for the bottom-layer blurs, and you can dramatically change the impression of the flowers.

Use pink to make it more feminine. A lot of blue will give it a cool, calm feel.
Use demure colors if you want a nail design that won't be too flashy at work.

Do try various color themes and create nail designs according to your clients' needs and preferences.

"I like floral designs but I don't want anything too cute..."
This sophisticated, lovely nail art can satisfy requests like this.

Take this opportunity to master this stunning nail art featuring misty flowers,
and make it a part of your repertoire!
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