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Blooming Ribbon Scarf

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You can use this all year round in the salon!
Learn to create sophisticated ribbon nail design by blending gels!

Master delicate blending techniques!

In this lesson, learn how to create a mature nail design
that's so soft and gentle like a wrapped scarf!

Do you want to make your usual designs more sophisticated?
Or does your nail designs end up looking childish despite using subtle colors?

If so, learn the blending technique
and try it in your salon work.

If the borders between colors are too clear,
it tends to make the design look childish.

By learning how to softly blend between colors,
your usual designs will surely become a lot more sophisticated.

In this lesson, while creating ribbon art that's as delicate as a scarf,
the basic blending techniques and key points
will be explained to you in detail!

Specifically, you will learn

◆The blending technique and points to remember
◆The amount of gel to use
◆How to layer colors
◆How to create a good visual balance

This lesson will share a blending technique that can be applied to other designs
and tips for when you actually try this design in your salon.

In this video, the design is done in dark blue colors, but you can try it in any other colors you like.

Use pink or purple to add a cute look
or use bright blues and greens to give it a fresh, summery feeling!
Depending on how you design it, you can use this versatile design regardless of the season.

You can also add stones and jewels based on your liking
to make it more extravagant, which is also lovely.

You can make various versions of this nail art by changing the colors and the layout of the design.
So take this opportunity to master it and make use of it in your salon work!
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