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Soy Botanical Candle

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Let's learn how to make
botanical candles with a soft and gentle look using natural soy wax!

Use natural soy wax to make a candle!

In this lesson, we will be learning in detail
how to use soy wax to make the classic botanical candle!

Soy candles, as suggested by its name,
are candles made with soybean wax.

Compared to paraffin wax which is made from petroleum, soybean wax produces less soot and smoke,
so soy candles are known to be more eco-friendly and healthier for the body.

Using that soybean wax, we will be learning
how to make simple and elegant botanical candles!

From the basic way of making soy candles
to tips for arranging pressed flowers in a balanced manner,
this lesson is packed with many tips and techniques beyond making candles.

One of the nice things about botanical candles is that you can make them in various designs.

Once you master the basic process, you apply the techniques to make a design you like.

You can use different kinds of flowers and your favorite colors
to make candles with various looks.

Use seasonal flowers or add fragrances to make an interior decoration perfect for each season!

Soy candles heal the soul, melting slowly over time.

So take this opportunity to master the way to making soy botanical candles
and use it to make an interior decoration for your room or as a gift!
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