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Tart Lesson 1: Strawberry Tart

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A lesson on cute and realistic tarts by *Le Sucre*!
In this introductory lesson, you will learn how to make a delicious-looking strawberry tart!

The first lesson of the tart series!
This time, you will learn how to make a strawberry tart
with a delicious-looking tart base and realistic cut strawberries!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make realistic faux sweets
by using polymer and various other clays.

The texture, strength, and translucency of the clay
varies a lot depending on the manufacturer and ingredients.

Even beginners can easily make realistic fake sweets
if you know the qualities of each clay and how to use those characteristics to your advantage.

This lesson is the first of a total of 6 lessons,
and in this lesson, you will learn in detail the qualities of the clays you will use to make the tarts.

You will also learn in detail what tools you will need and how to use them,
so even if you are new to polymer clay, you can easily make a realistic strawberry tart.

To be more specific,
you will learn how to choose which materials to use
for the tart base and the juicy strawberries, and through that you will learn

-How to make the tart look deliciously baked
-How to make the strawberry seeds look well balanced
-How to create realistic strawberries

and more. This lesson will teach you all of the basic techniques and important details you will need to know to make a cute, realistic strawberry tart.

The teacher will explain the overall process, small details, and techniques while making the tart, so even if you are a complete beginner, you can easily try to make your own.

If you learn how to make realistic strawberries,
you can use them in various kinds of sweets.

If you've found yourself thinking, "I was interested in this but didn't dare try...", this lesson is for you! This easy and fun project is your chance to start!
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とても初心者とは思えない仕上がりですね😍✨ いちごの断面も完璧です!💯 いちごは、フルーツの中でもかなり難しいレベルなので、これがこんなにお上手にできるなら、他は怖いもの無しですね😊 ぜひいろんなフルーツでたくさんタルトを作ってみて下さいね♪ 娘さんも、ママの作ってくれたスイーツでおままごとできたら幸せですね❤️ また他の作品もお写真楽しみにしています♪ ありがとうございました😊

とても初心者とは思えないほどの出来栄えで、感動しました✨!色味も、形も、断面も、素晴らしいです♪ とてもセンスがおありなので、ぜひこれからもたくさん作ってくださいね😊 これからもよろしくお願い致します✨ ありがとうございました❤️

さっそく作って頂き、ありがとうございます😊 優しい色合いで、とても綺麗な仕上がりですね💕 感激しました✨ マスカットのタルトも購入頂きありがとうございます😊 ♪ ぜひ楽しみながら作ってみてくださいね🌸 また出来上がったらお写真楽しみにしています♪