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Cuddly Penguin

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Let's try to make a summery cute piece
with Hattori Midori-style needle felt lessons!

In this lesson, learn to make a refreshing and adorable penguin
using basic techniques of felting wool!

Needle felting is created by piercing a needle through wool felt,
and it's greatly popular amongst women.

It's a genre that's comparatively new, so the tools and materials are evolving every day.

In this lesson, a new material called Aclaine will be used.

Aclaine is not made from wool, but acrylic fibers,
and it's slightly more solid, elastic, and easy to gather,
so it's recommended for beginners to work with this material.

In this lesson, the popular object artist Hattori Midori,
will teach you in detail the tips for creating a soft and cute penguin through needle felt crafts!

Specifically, you will learn:

◆How to tidy up the bumps on the surface
◆Important points to keep in mind when adding the wings
◆How to check the balance of the face
◆The tricks to adding on small parts such as the beak

Many more techniques that can be applied to other felt crafts are packed into this lesson.

The round form of the penguin is simple,
but it's important to balance out the face and body parts when adding them on.

The penguin that's finished in refreshing colors suits a summery interior design.
This time, a cool blue was used, but a pink one can be created as a pair!

Making lots of them and decorating the room with them would also be great.

Hattori Midori will teach you her techniques to firmly needle the felt together whilte keeping the soft texture.
So learn her techniques and create a penguin with a cute and lovely expression!
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