Chiffon Cake

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Even beginners are sure to succeed with this cake!
Learn how to make the fluffiest chiffon cake with this video!

In this video, you will learn all the tricks needed for baking the classic chiffon cake
so it comes out fluffy and golden brown!

A chiffon cakes has a texture soft as a cloud with a gently sweet taste.
It's easy to make with only some basic ingredients, so many of you may have tried making one.

However, the cake can be hard to get right. It might not swell properly,
it can become hard, or there might be big holes inside when you cut into it.

In this lesson, a professional baker Hatsumi will give you a step-by-step lesson on how to successfully bake a perfectly soft chiffon cake!

Usually, a chiffon knife or something of the sort would be used to get the baked cake out of the mold.
We will teach you how to get it out with your own hands without using any tools.

You will also learn how to properly store the cake for eating it later.
This cake can be prepared in advance whenever you have the time!

"I tried baking a chiffon cake once but it didn't come out nicely..."
Even if you have an experience like this, you will want to try again right away after watching the tips from this video.

When the finished cake is cut into preferred size and topped with simple whipped cream,
it's ready to be served and will even outshine any store-bought one.

After learning the process for making a basic chiffon cake, you can top it with cut fruit and decorate it with cream for a wide range of variations.

Bake it for your family or serve it to guests.
This cake is easy to do once you master the process,
so take this opportunity to learn how to make a fluffy chiffon cake and treat your loved ones!
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