Puff-Stiched Doily

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Once you have the basics down, try this lesson!
Learn how to crochet a doily with many bobble stitches!

This lesson is aimed at those who have already learnt the basics of doily-making
and will expand on what you have already learnt by teaching you how to make an even cuter doily in 2 colors.

Jazz up the interior of your house by placing your doily under vases or ornaments.

Dainty crocheted doilies made from lace
have started gaining attention in recent years among ladies as a classy addition to their homes.

In this lesson, you will make a petite doily with the "bobble stitch", an extension of the double crochet.
These doilies can be made in various colors!

You will learn

◆The basic method for crocheting bobble stitches
◆How to shift the position of your bobble stitch
◆How to switch to a different color while crocheting
◆How to weave the thread ends into the crochet

and more.
This is a lesson packed with tips and tricks that'll make sure that even beginners
will be able to crochet their own pretty little doily without fear of failure.

The doily is made by repeating the same few stitches, so once you get used to them,
you'll be able to crochet the rest of the doily in one go.

By changing the position of the bobble stitch, you'll be able to make doilies of different patterns.

This petite doily that you'll be crocheting today is a versatile item that can be used not only as an ornament but also as a coaster!
Make it in a bigger size and use it as a mat for your vase too!

Discover the true pleasure of doily-making by creating new doily patterns with the stitches that you've learnt in whatever colors you like!

If it's your first time crocheting a doily,
start with the basics of crochet doily-making first!
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