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Learn the Basics: Chain and Single-Stiched Doily

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Comes with an easy-to-follow crochet pattern! (Downloadable after purchase)


Come out of this lesson with a cute crochet doily even if you are a beginner!
Learn the basic stitches of crochet through crocheting this doily!

In this lesson, learn how to make a delicately sophisticated doily
made with the basic chain stitches and single crochets!

A doily is an ornamental mat, placed under vases or ornaments.

Dainty crocheted doilies made from lace have started gaining attention in recent years among ladies as a classy addition to their homes.

So in this lesson, you will learn crochet techniques that will equip you with the skills to try a greater variety of designs. You will make a small, basic doily that can be used even as a coaster!

In more detail, in addition to learning a new crochet technique called "decreasing", you will also learn,

◆How to crochet in the round
◆How to treat the thread end after you finished crocheting

and more.

In order for beginners to crochet will also be able to make your own cute little doily,
hime*hima will walk you through how to crochet the basic stitches; the chain stitch and the single crochet.

After you've grasped the basics of the crocheting in this lesson, you'll be able to challenge yourself to more complicated designs and more difficult stitches!

In this lesson, you'll be making a small doily that can be used as a coaster, but if you make it in a bigger size, you could spruce up your dining room by using it as a table cloth.

You can also change the color and size of the doily to fit the rest of the interior in your house. The only limitation to the ways you can use this doily will be your imagination.

Take this opportunity to learn the basics of crocheting and try your hand at making items that'll surely brighten up the interior of your house!
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