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Pin Cushion Made from Cotton Yarn

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Comes with an easy-to-understand crochet pattern! (Ready for download after you purchase this lesson)

If you're a beginner to crochet, start with this lesson!
Learn how to crochet a cute pincushion!

Completely master the basics of crocheting!
In this lesson, you'll learn how to crochet a striped pincushion with 2 colors.

It'll be a square pincushion with a wide variety of color variations.

The instructor will break down the basics for you, starting from how to hold a crochet hook,
so that even beginners who just started crochet can make this pincushion easily.

You'll be taught:

◆How to crochet a flat square
◆How to crochet a border
◆How to sew the mattress stitch
◆How to tie off a yarn end

and more.
This is a lesson filled with detailed tips and techniques that you can apply to other crochet projects as well.

Techniques such as crocheting flat surfaces and edging (crocheting borders) are especially useful for beginners.
By learning these techniques, you'll be able to make an even wider variety of crochet items.

In this lesson, you'll be learning how to make something very practical: a pincushion.

You can make use of the finished product when doing embroidery or other handicraft.

Just by changing the color of the cotton thread,
you'll be able to change the feel of the striped pattern.
Use a mix of red and blue to create a nautical look!

Pincushions can always come in handy in your daily life,
so why not make a few more in different colors and practice your crocheting skills.

This pincushion is perfect for beginners.
Take this opportunity to master the basics of crocheting and crochet mature and cute pieces!
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