Small Flower Crown

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Perfect for weddings too!
Let's learn how to make flower crowns of all sizes!

A cute hair accessory for small children and pets too!

In this lesson, Kanako Takizawa uses hydrangea flowers
in soft and pastel colors to make small flower crowns.

Perhaps many remember making these flower crowns when they were young.

This arrangement, by Ms. Takizawa from Honey Garden,
is so cute you will want to start working on it right away.

This lesson will teach you how to make palm-sized flower crowns in different color schemes, in detail and with specific points!

In particular, the video will show you:

◆ How to wire each flower and the tips of wiring
◆ The secret to making a tight flower crown with no space between flowers
◆ How to piece flowers to make an aesthetically pleasing flower crown

as the main points of this lesson.

In addition, using the basic techniques, this lesson will also be covering
how to make bigger flower crowns and wreaths that can be used for weddings too!

Preserved flowers were used in this lesson,
but artificial flowers are fine as well.

Flower crowns are versatile and used in many occasions.
They make cute room decorations,
and they are also perfect accessories for kids photo shoots.

Arrange it with your favorite leaves and fruits or switch it up with the ribbon,
to create your very own original flower crown.

You can make it in all shapes and sizes depending on the occasion, so customize it as you like!

Take this opportunity to learn how to make mini flower crowns, and use them to add a little more excitement into any and every occasion!
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