Crescent-Shaped Swag

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Make a seasonal interior decoration item!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make a natural-looking crescent-shaped wall decoration!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a three-dimensional wall decoration using neutral-toned leaves!

A floral swag is a wall decoration made out of leaves and flowers.

Many of you might be thinking of a wreath, which is a classic wall decoration,
but floral swags have been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years.
Floral swags are very popular among mature women who like flower arrangements,
because they look simple and are easy to make just by piling up materials!

In this lesson, Kanako Takizawa from Honey Garden
will teach you how to make a mature, elegant floral swag.

In detail, you will learn

◆How to make the floral swag three-dimensional
◆How to place the flowers so that they look well balanced
◆How to add small flowers so that they look natural
◆How to place the leaves so that you will create a beautiful crescent moon shape

Kanako will explain in detail all the important steps
while she adds the leaves and flowers on to a crescent moon-shaped base.

You can put the floral swag up as you like.
Just by changing the way you hang it on the wall, you can change the look of the floral swag.

You can turn your lonely entrance, room or outdoor
into a stylish space jut by putting this floral swag up on the wall.

You can also create different kinds of arrangements once you have learned the tips and tricks.
You can create a fresh floral swag for the summer by using leaves with more vibrant colors.

You can also use big leaves to make a gorgeous floral swag to spice up a bland-looking room.

Use a lot of vibrant small flowers, change the colors and material of the bow.
Master the techniques and make various designs to match your space!
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