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Tulip Earrings of Nail Polish Flowers

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Let's make trendy nail polish flowers!
Learn how to make pretty tulip piercing earrings that also have a cute leaf on them!

Watch this lesson after you have learned the basics!

This lesson is designed for those who have already learned the basics.
In this lesson, you will learn how you can easily make tulip earrings, even if you have never made nail polish flowers before.

Nail polish flowers are a popular dip art design made with wire and nail polish.

With this technique, you can make delicate accesories out of only a few materials, and that is why this design has lately been gaining popularity.

This design is also popular due to the fact that even beginners can easily try it out. Anyone with thin wire and nail polish can make this design.

"I learned the basics, so now I want to try to make something!"
If you are one of the people who want to try out their newly learned basic skills, this lesson will teach you how to make tulip piercing earringss. The lesson includes a thorough explanation of the necessary steps, with tips on how to master the design.

In detail, you will be learning:

◆How to use the basic tools
◆How to make dip art stronger
◆How to turn your dip art into functional piercings
◆How to prevent uneven color

and more! You will learn all the tips and tricks about the basic techniques of nail polish flowers, which you can also use widely in other designs.

This lesson will teach you how to shape the wire, and how to color it with nail polish separately,
so even if you aren't yet used to using wire, don't worry!

This lesson covers all the areas a beginner might make mistakes in, and teaches you how to make cute yet mature tulip piercings.

After you learn the technique, you can freely change the design to your liking.
You can create a wide variety of designs just by using a wire that is thicker or thinner, or by changing the size of the flower.

You can also create a completely different looking piercing earrings by changing the nail polish color!

You can also change the petal shape to create a different kind of flower.

Try out some of the basic techniques with these pretty tulip earrings!
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