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Professional Techniques -Nerikiri Chrysanthemum-

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This video is filled with exclusive techniques many wagashi craftsmen don't share with outside!
Learn every step of making the Cut Chrysanthemum and bring your skills to the next level!

In this video, we give an easy-to-understand explanation on how to make the Cut Chrysanthemum,
which is one of the subjects in the highest grade of the national Japanese sweets-making examination.

Nerikiri is a type of Japanese sweets made with white bean paste with some viscose ingredient added.

"Nerikiri sweets captivate the eye with their elegant complexity, but it's surprisingly easy to try making them at home if you just learn the secrets of the professionals.

In this lesson, we will thoroughly explain how to make one of the most detailed Nerikiri sweets called the Cut Chrysanthemum.

The professional Japanese sweets maker Okamoto will thoroughly teach all of the important points,
so this is the perfect lesson for those who want to bring their skills to the next level.

Some of the things you will learn are:

◆The angle of the scissors and how to keep them stable when cutting
◆The size, number, and placement of the petals
◆How to cleanly attach the stalks

and much more. Everything is explained to the smallest detail.
We will use The Basics of Making Nerikiri Paste from Beans to make the Cut Chrysanthemum.

The graceful shape of the chrysanthemum has been passed on to professional Japanese sweets makers for generations.
If you learn how to apply these techniques taught across generations correctly, you will be able to make the chrysanthemum which is known as an especially charming nerikiri sweet.

Even if you don't succeed on the first try, check the video many times and keep practicing,
and you will surely reach a satisfying result.

Mastering the difficult Cut Chrysanthemum will enable you to create an even wider range of Japanese sweets.

In addition to other nerikiri sweets you have learned,
try your hand at making all sorts of Japanese sweets at home.

If you are a beginner, please learn the basics with The Basics of Making Nerikiri Paste from Beans first!
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