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Professional Techniques -Nerikiri Reverse Chrysanthemum-

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When you've mastered nerikiri paste, it's finally time to make nerikiri sweets!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make a reverse chrysanthemum, a design that often appears in confectionary skill tests!

In this lesson, those who have already learned the basics of making nerikiri paste
will learn how to make a reverse chrysanthemum, a design known for its delicate crafting.

Nerikiri is a raw confection made by kneading sugar and yam into white bean paste.
It is a classic Japanese confection which can express a wide variety of seasonal motifs depending on how you color and craft it.

It is known for its gentle sweet taste and artistic appearance,
and is a gorgeous confection that is savored for its beauty as well as its taste.

This lesson will explain in detail how to make a reverse chrysanthemum,
a design that you often see at Japanese confectioneries!

Specifically, you will learn

- An introduction to a tool that professional confectioners use
- How to hold the tool
- How to do "Haribokashi" to achieve the gradation effect used in Japanese sweets
- How to add precise lines to the confection

and more. You will learn all the basic techniques you need to know to make real nerikiri confections at home.

In this lesson, you will learn the technique of creating the chrysanthemum pattern,
which many beginners find challenging.

After showing you the entire process of crafting nerikiri,
the instructor will carefully explain the basic way to add lines.

Look closely at Okamoto's hands, and practice the technique at home.

Also, by learning "Haribokashi", a technique to add a soft gradation to nerikiri,
you will be able to apply the method to various other nerikiri sweets.

This lesson is perfect for people who wish to turn their hobby of making Japanese sweets into a job, and also for people who want to try making Japanese confections at home.

If you use nerikiri paste made from boiled beans, it will be even tastier!
If you are a beginner, watch the professional's basics of making nerikiri paste first!
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