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Professional Techniques -Divide, Color, and Wrap Bean Paste-

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A lesson full of information you can't get anywhere else!
Learn how to divide, color, and wrap bean paste. These are the three basic techniques used in wagashi making!

After you master how to make bean paste, watch this lesson!

In this lesson, the instructor will teach you step by step how to divide, color, and wrap the paste.
These three techniques are fundamental to Japanese confectionery making.

Artisans use every technique available to hand-make beautiful, delicate Japanese confections, or wagashi.
They are gorgeous seasonal offerings that are a treat to look at as well as to taste.

Wouldn't you like to make wagashi at home?

Wagashi making is highly specialized. So it may seem like a difficult feat.

However, if you master the techniques explained by a professional, you can readily make alluring, tasty wagashi at home.

This lesson is for those who have already mastered Basic Nerikiri Dough.
The instructor will carefully explain in detail how to divide and wrap the bean paste. These are techniques that are hard to learn otherwise.

This lesson will teach you the following:

◆How to divide the paste so that the wagashi turns out beautiful
◆How to choose food coloring
◆What to do to prevent cracks
◆How to wrap the paste quickly
◆How to practice wrapping without using paste

The lesson will explain these and much more. It's full of tips and fundamental techniques used by professionals in wagashi making.

Nobuharu Okamoto, a Japanese confectioner, is also a university lecturer of wagashi.

In this lesson, he will teach you the basic process for making beautiful nerikiri sweets.
He will also reveal an alternative wrapping method that he teaches at the university!

If you follow the tips that the professional provides,
your finished wagashi will be so much more stunning.

The dividing, coloring, and wrapping of bean paste are essential processes in making Japanese confectioneries.
If you master the basic techniques this lesson teaches, you can use them to make various sweets.

Learn the techniques to increase your repertoire of Japanese confectioneries!

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