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Professional Techniques -Making Nerikiri from Beans-

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Directly from a professional!
Learn all the details of making nerikiri paste, starting with how to cook the beans!

The foundation of all Japanese sweets!

Finally revealing the mysteries behind the nerikiri dough!
In this lesson, learn to make authentic nerikiri paste in Okamoto's style, including important points and techniques.

Japanese sweets are profound and are made to represent nature in the four seasons.

They are beautifully and delicately made by artisans with great skill,
and are seasonal luxuries that are enjoyed for their beauty as well as their taste.

Crucial to nerikiri, the symbol of Japanese sweets,
is the nerikiri paste and its gentle sweetness.

Professional confectioner Okamoto, who has deep experience and multiple accolades,
will thoroughly explain how to create nerikiri paste starting from cooking the beans!

Specifically, you will learn

◆Professional methods of choosing the right tools
◆The mixture of ingredients to create a mild sweet paste that's easy to shape
◆Preparation of the beans that is crucial for all professionals
◆How to adjust the firmness of the paste
◆How to preserve the paste

and much more, including tips on creating delicious nerikiri paste that have never been revealed until now.

This lesson is also packed with important information on Japanese sweets,
so please enjoy it as you learn about nerikiri!

Fundamentally a complicated process, the mechanics of creating the paste
may cause a lot of people to find it difficult.

In this lesson, that process will be explained carefully and in simple terms, so that you can make smooth and easy-to-use nerikiri paste at home.

Once you are able to make the basic nerikiri paste, the variety of Japanese sweets you can create will greatly increase.

Why not learn how to make paste directly from a professional, and make adorable nerikiri sweets at home?

Use this chance to learn basic techniques in creating bean paste, and take a large step forward in making Japanese sweets!
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