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Turquoise art

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Slightly shining nail foils and shells leave a strong impression!
Learn how to make stylish and mature turquoise nail art!

In this lesson, you will learn in detail
how to make mature turquoise nail art with subtle colors!

Every year as summer starts to approach
you probably begin to feel like you want to try cool, mature but cute turquoise nail art.

Turquoise nail art is a fresh-looking design that gives you summer vibes,
and it is perfect for a day at the beach, a resort holiday, or just everyday life.

Most turquoise designs are greenish-blue,
but what Sano Naomi teaches you today
is a sophisticated turquoise design with brown as a main color.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a stylish turquoise design
that is made to look even more elegant with slightly visible nail foils and shells.

Specifically, you will learn:

-How to make the design with a sense of depth
-The tips and right order for applying the colors
-How to add patterns to the nails easily

and more.
Naomi specializes in nail art with detailed nuances,
and she will teach you in detail how to apply the colors, shells and nail foil.

The nail foil and shells shine slightly every time you move,
making the subdued tones look gorgeous.

You can easily change the way this design looks
by changing the pattern and the placement of the shells and nail foil.

This nail art looks good with simple nail accessories.
You can make it look even more refined with nail accessories that match the whole image!

Take this opportunity to learn a slightly different mature turquoise design, and spice up your salon work this summer!
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