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Marble art × Ethnnic jewelry

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A lesson on main and secondary nail art that you can wear as a set!
Learn how to make a chic design full of ethnic charm!

Use them individually or as a set to expand your repertoire!
In this lesson, you will learn how to make 2 different see-through nail art pieces.

The kind of nail art that becomes popular as the weather gets hotter
is the clear, refreshing nail art like mirror nail art or marble nail art.

And so, in this lesson, you will learn to how to make 2 kinds of nail art:

・Simple nail art with a mirror effect at the base of the nail
・Nuanced nail art with a color scheme like marble

This video thoroughly explains how to make these 2 kinds of nail art.

What you need to take note of when doing shimmery nail art like mirror nail art, is none other than how to apply shading.
By effectively applying shading to the areas other than the mirror part, you will be able to add balance to the nail art and create simple yet nuanced nail art piece.

Furthermore, the techniques you learn when making see-through nail art like marbled nail art, such as how to overlap the colors, or how to draw the lines, can be used in other designs as well.

In the coming season, many people will probably order this kind of sophisticated nail art with a slight ethnic taste looks.
Put the 2 designs that you learned today as a pair, or use them separately in combination with other designs to fill your catalogue of nail art samples.

You can also change the look of this design completely by changing the colors or adding more accessories to it.

Learn how to make this nail art that can be used in all occasions such as for a date or shopping trip, and add it to your catalogue of summer nail designs!
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