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Mosaic Art with Depth

1159 square 01
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Glimmering and elegant nail design!
This lesson will demonstrate a mosaic pattern using mature, subdued colors!

The key to this design is its sense of depth!
This lesson will be on how to create mosaic art with depth and dimension!

"My designs always look so flat..."
"Is there any way to create more three-dimensional art using various materials?"

If you've had similar thoughts, this lesson is perfect for you!
Naomi will demonstrate nuance art that looks as though it has multiple layers.

Master how to layer the materials used in this lesson,
and anyone can create this elegant design with depth.

Other tips include:

◆How to position the materials
◆How to create well-balanced nuance art
◆How to create layers without making the nail too thick

and more! This lesson contains tips and tricks that can be used for other designs.

This design, which looks as though it is shimmering from within, is perfect for
those who think "I don't want anything too cutesy..."

It will create a softer look with mellow colors.

The color variations are endless! Master the basics, and add to your salon's menu!
Blues and browns will be used for this lesson, but the colors can be changed depending on the client's mood or style.

Please use this lesson to learn how to create nuance art,
and expand your repertoire of mosaic nail design!