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How to Use French Nail Films

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French Film can be used in many different ways!
This lesson is on how to use the new BLC for CORDE French film!

French films are so convenient!

This lesson is on how to use line films. Just by sticking them on, they can create an elegant
French nail design!

Fancy and subtly cute french nails have always been a favorite for
women of any generation.

It's a classic design and many customers ask for it,
so it can also be tedious and time-consuming...I'm sure you've had this experience.

For those who feel this way, I'd like to introduce the new French films.

The French tip comes in an innovative sticker form, and just sticking them on will create beautiful french nails.

For those who are thinking, "how exactly do I use them?" this lesson will show you
how to use the film and some design ideas!

This lesson includes

◆The basic use of films
◆How to stick them on correctly
◆How to stick them efficiently on all the nails
◆How to create double French lines
◆How to create French tips

and other film tips. Saori will give detailed explanations
on the tips for using French film which can be used in various designs.

Since the French lines are so subtle, they work well with many designs.
They're great for mixing and matching with all kinds of designs to create unique, time-saving nail art.

They're perfect for office settings, but with the addition of color or accessories, it can also be perfect for special occasions.

The possibilities are endless, so take this opportunity to learn how to use these French films and enjoy all kinds of french nails!
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