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Danish Made with Croissant Dough

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Broaden your variations!
Use the basic croissant dough to create delicious, beautiful, and gorgeous danishes!

In this lesson, use the dough from Croissant for Beginners to create 2 types of danishes with different shapes and toppings!

Crispy soft danishes full of plenty of butter
are popular with anyone who likes bread.

"I want to give the kids fresh danishes!"
"But there's not enough time to make them from scratch..."

If you've had these thoughts, how about using
sakunana's special croissant dough to make it in no time at all?

In this lesson, using the croissant dough from the tutorial Croissant for Beginners , learn to make a fruit danish and a cream cheese danish!

Specifically, you will learn

◆ How to make the custard
◆ How to easily form a fancy-looking shape
◆ The temperature settings for crispy danishes
◆ How to do the finishing decorations

and more, including many more tips so beginners can make delicious danishes without fail.

Make use of the dough that delighted our staff when it came fresh out of the oven,
and you'll be able to create a crispy danish with the delicious aroma of butter in no time!

In this lesson, strawberries and mangoes were used, but you can use whatever fruits are in season.

You can also use canned foods, change the jam on the cream cheese, and arrange it however you and your family want!

Instructions on how to make sakunana's croissant dough can be found here!
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