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Croissant for Beginners

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Even beginner bakers can make these quickly!
This lesson is on croissants that can easily be made at home!

Make croissants in just 3 hours!
Many think making croissants takes lots of time and effort, but this lesson will provide detailed instructions on how to make them easily!

"I want to eat freshly baked croissants!"
When you're craving for croissants, wouldn't it be nice to be able to make them at home?

"But...making them from scratch will take so much time and effort."
"Baking bread seems too difficult for beginners..."
Croissant baking seems like it's a hassle,
but with a few techniques, even beginner bakers can effortlessly bake delicious croissants!

This lesson will reverse the impression that croissant baking is "a hassle to bake, and takes too much time"
through Sakunana's time-saving recipe!

Some tips during this lesson that will help even beginners include:

◆Tips on making the dough
◆How to fold in the butter
◆The right temperature for a perfect bake
◆Tips on creating the perfect crescent shape

and many more. This lesson will be full of techniques.

Since Sakunana will be making the dough from step one along with the viewer, she will cover details that recipe books and internet articles tend to gloss over.

Pay attention to Sakunana's tips. She makes croissants that are both beautiful and delicious.

After the shoot, the staff tried the croissants, and they were shocked by how good they were!
They were so perfectly flaky and buttery everyone was incredibly impressed.

These toasty, flaky croissants are perfect for a little snack or to feed your friends when they come for a visit.
Of course, children will also be delighted to have them as a snack.

Please master Sakunana's tips and tricks and bake these easy croissants at home!
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