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Baroque Freshwater Pearl Nail

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A time-saving nail design that can be done in 10 seconds!
This lesson will be on a pearl design that is perfect for weddings!

It's a BLC-style nuance nail design with realistic pearls!
This lesson will be on how to create this elegant and beautiful nail design.

Saori Tanabe specializes in delicate and artistic designs.
Her lesson will be on an elegant baroque style with freshwater pearls.

Unlike normal pearls that are smooth, Baroque freshwater pearls
are unique in that they have uneven, bumpy shapes.

This design recreates those pearls in a way that is not too flashy,
so it is perfect for parties and weddings.

How does one recreate the uneven surface of the Baroque pearl?

This lesson will cover all the steps and importants tricks to creating this fantasy-like baroque pearl design.

Watch out for Saori's "shocking" way to create the bumps on the pearls!

She will explain two methods:

◯how to apply the pearl onto the entire nail
◯how to apply the pearl onto parts of the nail

so you can try different variations of the design!

The design made in this detailed tutorial is elegant and refined.

The unique shape of baroque pearls were created organically by nature.

Just as there are no two baroque pearls that are the same,
this lesson will create an elegant design that is unlike anything else.

These pearls will stand out, even if they are just additions to a simpler design.

Use this lesson to master unique pearl designs, and utilize it in salon work as soon as possible!