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Embossed Nails

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Your imagination is the limit with this technique!
In this lesson, you will learn the basic ways in which letters and patterns are engraved,
and two basic ways of applying color to stamps!

The nail art that was the talk of BWJ will be revealed in this lesson!
You will learn how to create unique nail art with an uneven texture thanks to explanations that are easy to understand.

The instructor, Saori Tanabe, is popular amongst customers as well as other nail artists.

The engraving Tanabe created for this lesson is a cute design suited for adults, and looks just like real porcelain.

This design that was highly praised in BWJ2019
no doubt has had you wondering,
"How is this possibly made?"

So this lesson is centered around the method of engraving a variety of patterns and letters using a certain item,
with explanations on creating Instructor Tanabe's style of embossed nail art.

On top of the fundamental technique of achieving a glossy finish,
she will teach you how to create a sculpture-like effect called 'carving nail'.

This is a lesson packed with different techniques aimed to enable you to create a variety of looks of your own design.

The method developed by Instructor Tanabe will let you engrave patterns
as well as letters of the alphabet to create a cute look not unlike bar soap!

Or if you pair the technique with marble or stone patterns,
you can create a new type of marble nail with a mature feel.

One of the greatest merits of this embossed nail is its versatility.
You can mix and match different colors to create a multitude of different designs.

It is definitely worth mastering engraved nails and coming up with your own designs!
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