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Ocean Teardrops

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A new design by the popular nail artist Saori Tanabe from BWJ!
A style appealing to those young at heart, this summery design is like something out of a fairytale. Using secret products, you will learn to create these nails fast, like magic!

The new must for summer!
This time you will learn to make a vibrant design with a stylish dash of glitter.

Saori Tanabe is known for her artistic and elaborate nail art designs.
She is not only a favorite amongst clients, but is well-known in the nail artist circles as well.

You can learn this popular artist's design, reminiscent of the sea and perfect for the summer.

This is actually the piece that received a ton of attention at an event by BWJ.

It's like the sea itself has been enclosed in the translucent design.

The Ocean Teardrops design has been inspired by "The Rainbow Fish",
a picture book that Saori loves.

Through this video you will learn the teacher's techniques for making this summer hit piece. For example, it explains

◯The means of making a beautiful pattern
◯How to blur color over the nail
◯Leaving a three-dimensional pattern on the coating

and so on. There are many ways of using these skills in your own designs as well, so have fun!

After mastering just this one piece, you can combine it with others for endless possibilities.

The design can be an eye-catching accent to a simple look, or you could try combining it with shell-like parts for a unique impression.

On the occasion of a trip to the sea-side, the pool or even an aquarium...

This design will add fun to any event.

These nails suit any woman and will enhance their beauty.

You will definitely gain a lot from learning these sparkly "Ocean Teardrops" nails,
so how about giving them a try in the salon this summer?
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