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Botany Encyclopedia Nail -Daffodil-

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A design that turns your nails natural and pretty!
Learn one of the most popular designs at RISA's salon: the daffodil nail art!

The colors of the flowers appear bright even on a dark-colored base!
This lesson will thoroughly lecture you on how to draw daffodils with nice bright colors!

As warm season approaches,
natural and fresh-looking botanical art becomes popular.

Depending on the kind of plant or the base color, the impression of the design varies, so many different designs can be made.

However, some may wonder,
"Are there any ways to let the color appear nicely with a clear base?" or
"How can I prevent my design from looking dull, even when it's drawn on dark bases?"
Many nail artists have these kinds of problems.

So, in this lesson, RISA teaches you how to draw the popular botanical design, with the colors showing brightly on both clear and dark-colored bases.

The content of the lesson includes:

◆how to make the base and draw the lines so that the colors appear clearly
◆tips on creating the color look transparent
◆tips on the color choice that gives the botanical art look
◆how to paint the shades so that the design looks realistic

and many more. You will learn all the little tips and tricks that help you create a sheer and cute botanical nail art.

Learning to draw bright-looking art regardless of the color of the base will definitely broaden your variation of nail art designs.

Everyone, especially those of you who have found hand-painting difficult, will get inspiring tips from the techniques that RISA usually practices.

Through this lesson, you will get plenty of techniques that you can take into your salon work immediately. Try and learn a graceful and chic botanical design!
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