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Be a Popular Nail Artist! Coloring & Consultation Techniques of Real Salon Work

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A must-see for nail artists!
Learn Riyo's style of coloring and consultation and utilize the techniques in your salon work now!

This lesson is from the salon work series!
Riyo lectures you on how she chooses colors and consults clients during her usual salon work.

"I don't know how to choose colors."
"Why do the patterns I draw become so noisy?"
"Somehow it seems that I've made my customer upset..."
"Consultation always takes too much time..."

You may have these kinds of experiences or problems.

For those nail artists with these troubles, this is the lesson to take.

This lesson, unlike the usual nail art lessons, focuses on salon work and have explanations on the two points:

☆how to practice counseling when deciding on the design, and the kind of consultation that makes customers want to come to your salon again
☆how to choose colors so that the 5 fingers or the 10 fingers look neat as a whole

These points are explained with an actual hand model.

Plenty of Riyo's know-hows that she has acquired through her salon work and still practices now are stuffed in this lesson.

Riyo manages two nail salons and most of her customers are repeat customers. Therefore, the skills she teaches here are unique to her and cannot be missed.

"We need to have good taste when choosing colors, don't we?"
"I don't know where to get information on proper clients consultation."

If you are a nail artist thinking this way, this lesson is perfect for you!

It is often thought that good taste is needed to choose the best colors, but you can still do it even if you are not sure about your taste.
Learn the "principle of color choosing" that Riyo explains in this lesson!

The specific contents explained in this lesson are

◆How to consult your client smoothly when deciding on the design
◆How to balance out the designs on the 5 fingers or 10 fingers
◆How to choose colors when working on the nail art
◆Tips on creating a sense of unity through stones and parts
◆How to perform follow-up consultation after working on the design so that your customer becomes a repeat customer

and many more important points on creating a design that has a nice color balance.

As you learn how to choose colors to create unity or how to practice good consultation, the customers at your salon will be much more satisfied.

The know-hows featured in this lesson are useful not only for nail artists who are aiming for higher-quality designs
but also for those who manage salons on your own.
Learn these techniques and utilize them in your salon work now!
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