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Hydrangea Nails

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A chic and neat design that looks great on rainy days!
This lesson is on the flower design that has a gentle impression like a hydrangea!

During the rainy season, a peaceful flower design works perfectly!

Through this lesson, you will learn how to make a pretty flower art
that would that can brighten your spirit during the dull rainy season.

Riyo, a popular nail artist, is especially skilled in creating feminine and delicate nail art.
This time, she will lecture you on how to make a hydrangea-like pastel flower design.

Flower designs tend to become too noisy,
but by noting a few points, the design becomes much more chic and bright.

In this lesson, the methods to make a subtle yet full-of-presence hydrangea design along with some important points will be explained.

The contents include:

◆How to draw flowers that look like hydrangea
◆How to balance out the drawings of flowers
◆Tips on creating sheerness
◆One extra step to make the design look as if it is floating on the nail

and many more. There will be plenty of knacks unique to Riyo that will help you create a natural and delicate flower design.

The pastel-colored and gorgeous design with many thin petals that look as though they are overlapping each other can be useful in any kind of occasions such as office work or dates.

Once you have mastered how to make flowers, you can make many different variations of the design.

For example, by incorporating a vivid color, the design will look brighter.

Utilizing the fresh and clear design, arranging it into a summer design perfect for the hot season may also be good.

Why not learn the tips to making this design and add to your variation of chic flower designs?

Set title:【Art lesson included】②Be a Popular Nail Artist! 〜Coloring & Counseling Techniques of Real Salon Work〜
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