Citrus Flower

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A refreshing design that's perfect for summer!
This lesson is on a cool and fresh lemon patterned design!

Creating depth and dimension is easy!
In this lesson, you will learn how to create a design that combines cute and mature styles!

A lemon pattern design is perfect for this hot season.
It's almost as if one can smell the sweetly refreshing aroma of the lemons.

This design with realistic-looking lemons, cool blue hues, and a subtle but cute flower pattern, is elegant and nicely complements simple outfits.

"I'm doing the same summer designs all the time..."
This lesson will give a solution to those nail artists who feel this way.

These nails will be perfect for beaches, resorts, dates and other events.
This lesson will provide a detailed explanation of how to create this seasonal lemon pattern look!

The lesson includes:

◆How to draw lemons
◆Tips on how to draw outlines which determine its finished look
◆Tips on how to easily create depth
◆How to create a random pattern with the right proportions

and other tips and techniques that can be applied immediately in your salon.

Also, Riyo has plenty of advice, including how to keep the design well balanced between the five nails on each hand.

"My design ends up looking flat..."
With Riyo's tips, nail artists that have this problem can create better, more three-dimensional designs!

This can be a single statement nail or can be combined with different designs.
Your design samples in your salon can expand as you can make various looks based on this design.

Master this summery citrus design
and apply it in salon work today!
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