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Ebru Marble Candles

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It's a popular candle from Korea!
Learn how to make a candle with an enchanting marble pattern!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a marble candle with beautiful blurred gradient. Atarashi Mogura will explain the process step by step and provide valuable tips!

Korea is the birthplace of Ebru marble candle.
Recently, its popularity has been steadily rising in Japan.

There are several processes to the making of this candle. You'll also get to decorate it as you like.
The pattern that you create will give the candle a different look and feel each time.

In today's lesson, Atarashi Mogura will use materials and techniques not commonly used in Japan to
make an attractive candle with a fascinating marble pattern.

The lesson will feature the following:

◆ How to achieve a beautifully translucent candle
◆ How to make shiny candles
◆ Ordinary items you can use to make an entrancing marble pattern
◆ How to give the candle an even more elegant feel
◆ How to smooth the bottom of the candle

The lesson will cover these things and more. The lesson contains full of helpful advice for making pretty, authentic Korean Ebru marble candles.

In the lesson, materials not usually used in Japan will be used. However, you can instead use ordinary household items. The instructor will tell you what to use.

Once you master the techniques, you'll be able to use them to make other candles.
Every Ebru marble candle you make will have a different pattern. So it's fun to make many and experiment with different marble patterns.

You can use differently shaped molds and different colors. You can create countless variations.
During the lesson, the instructor will make a cute, pale-colored candle. You can also try making an elegant, monochrome one or a cheerful, vividly-colored one.

Take this opportunity to master the techniques, and have fun making a gorgeous candle from Korea!
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嬉しいレポをありがとうございます☺️❣️ とっっっても素敵にできてます👌✨3つとも完璧ですよ〜!!🥺✨✨ツヤツヤ❤️ 色ですが、ワックスは固まると白っぽくなる上に、外側のワックスにも覆われるため、思い切って、いつもより濃い目に作ると思い通りの色になるかもしれません😉💫マジレス!笑 同じものは2度と作れない面白いキャンドルなので、たくさん作って楽しんでくださいね☺️❣️✨🙆‍♀️

爽やかなカラーでツヤ感もバッチリ出てて、とてもキレイです🥰✨✨凄く上手に出来てます🙆‍♀️❣️ 各色で模様を入れる場所を、上、真ん中、下と変えていくとグラデーションになってキレイなので、是非そのパターンも試してみてください☺️❤️ 嬉しいレポ、ありがとうございます😊❣️

わぁお!シックで大人な雰囲気のオシャレなカラー☺️❣️とっても素敵にキレイに出来てますね🙌✨✨ 模様をはっきり出したい場合は、中からあまり模様を付けすぎないのがポイントです🙆‍♀️💡 たくさん作って楽しんでくださいね🥰 嬉しいレポありがとうございます❤️

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