Brush Calligraphy: Practicing Words

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Try this lesson after mastering the alphabet!
Learn how to connect the letters and practice some everyday words!

This lesson is for those who have mastered the basic strokes of brush lettering and how to write the alphabet. You will learn how to connect letters and write everyday words.

After mastering the basics, it's finally time to learn how to write words!

Once you're able to connect letters, you'll be able to create some very stylish lettering.

Learn how shiho connects letters to create stylish and smooth lettering, and master how to write elegant letters!

These 6 words:

◯thank you
◯Happy Birthday
◯Happy New Year
◯Merry Christmas

will be taught in this lesson.

shiho will explain in detail how to create brush lettering as she demonstrates different designs and variations. Print out the practice sheet included with this lesson, and let's practice brush lettering!

Once you master how to connect letters, the lettering pieces you can make will be unlimited.

There aren't many opportunities to handwrite words in this modern age, but that's exactly why heartfelt handwritten cards and letters are even more special!

You can write birthday cards and messages, nameplates for parties and weddings, even decorate diary covers and gift wrap with lettering. The possibilities are endless!

If you want to learn brush lettering that's girly and pretty,
give shiho's lessons a try!
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